We are seeking a specific kind of man.


You are a leader at the top of your organization.

You are responsible for big goals and leading teams of people.

Your company is a recordkeeper, investment manager or advisory firm in the retirement services industry.


You embody the three C's: 

1. Character: Can your brothers count on you? 

2. Contribution: Do you contribute more than you consume? 

3. Commitment: Do you show up, fully, in mind, body and spirit? 

The Design

One Year.

Quarterly in-person Mastermind immersions.

  • First immersion is 1.5 days
  • 3 subsequent immersions 1 day apiece
  • Locations TBD

Quarterly 1-on-1 Coaching Calls with Dominick 

  • 90-120 minutes apiece
  • Supporting Progress: integration and implementation from immersion experiences

Monthly Team Strategy Sessions with Your 3-Man Team

  • Accountability Team: You will be part of a team of 3 other brothers
  • Monthly Acceleration Calls: You will design your own forum to support each other's growth and implementation of commitments 

You Will Walk Away With


A clear, actionable 10-year vision that encompasses career, family, passion, health and adventure. A future of your own design, that you've taken command of. A future you can't wait to live into. 



Man can survive without community. But he cannot thrive without it. You will forge deep, lasting relationships that transcend the surface level platitudes that prevent elevating one another. You will have a Brotherhood of like minded men, high performers, who you can call upon in work and life's most meaningful moments.



When a man is in command of his life, his force is re-ignited. The daily grind will give way to deeper, more purposeful work. You show up as a better leader, husband, father, friend and most importantly...you will be living the highest version of yourself. 


New Era Leadership


The prevailing leadership style in the retirement services industry is fraught with land mines:

  • Deep-rooted conservative behavior (read: managing vs leading) that's ill-equipped to catalyze essential change
  • Inability to cultivate environments where Millennials want to work and thrive
  • Male-dominated leadership teams still create barriers for women to perform at their highest levels

This group of 12 men will embody the next generation of leadership, and lead the way for their peers to follow suit. 



Willis Towers Watson's 2017 Global Attitudes Survey of 31,000 employees reported that 3 out of 10 employees have experienced severe stress, anxiety or depression over the last 2 years alone. 30% of employees. That's unsustainable, and borderline criminal. 

You will be designing the future of worklife balance that allows your employees to meet the rising demands of their goals/projects, while at the same time cultivating environments that allow them to feel a sense of command and balance in their personal lives. 



As workplace pressures mount, more and more people question "is this worth it?" This inquiry has moved from passive to active: people are starting blogs, side-hustles, or leaving the business altogether. 

Your people are dying to be inspired right there where they are. But inspiration, inside the business, is impossible to find. 

Through your transformation as a leader, and as a man, your peers and those who follow you will naturally be called to rise up and embody a higher operating version of themselves. 

One Year Membership