12 men. 1 Mastermind.

It's simple:

Men are better when they belong to a community of other men performing at their level ...

...and then push one another to go further.

A select group of male leaders from record-keepers, investment managers and advisors coming together with two specific intentions:


1. Design Your Future: The Next Decade of Your Life


2. Design the Future of Leadership: In the Retirement Services Industry

Nothing will extinguish your fire, your drive, or your ambition faster than living into a predictable, uninspiring future of the never-ending grind. 


You are in the most critical years of your life, and also the most pressure packed.

At work, you are responsible for leading a mounting number of people, projects and increasingly unreasonable goals.

At home, you are sandwiched between a growing family and aging parents. 

Staying buried in the never-ending grind of getting shit done leaves you with the  illusion of progress, only to wake up years later to realize very little has changed. 

It's time to Take Command and design a future you can't wait to live into.

Starting with the next decade. 

Working alongside a group of men at a similar life stage who do what you do. 


It's time to rise above the prevailing leadership standards in the Retirement Services arena. 


Given the speed with which the industry is changing, we must usher in a New Era of leadership.

You need to help your people continue to raise performance while short-circuiting burnout. 

You need to identify the future of talent (read: Millenials) in your business and create environments where they want to work for and can thrive with you. 

And the "old boys club" of the heavily male-dominated financial services arena is ripe for disruption:

It's not only the right thing to do...it also makes business sense. 

You need to be the type of leader who can support, champion and elevate women working in male dominated business.